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(20% OFF NOW)Automatic Water Level Control Valve

(20% OFF NOW)Automatic Water Level Control Valve

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Because the product is on the shelves and is liked by many customers, we will sell 1,000 pieces at a low price, and the price will be restored after the sale.

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You must have encountered such a situation, forget to turn off the faucet, then you will need this automatic shut off valve. When it reaches the water level, it will automatically close the water valve.


  • Automatic water level controller: 😎😎 It will automatically close the water valve when it reaches the water level👍 👍and it will automatically open when it is below the water level😍
  • Small size and easy to install: Estimated rate of flow up to 40 psi 3 gallons per minute at 60 psi 5 gallons per minute

  • Environmentally Friendly: Safe and will not release any toxic substance.
  • Wide Application: Widely used in water boiler machine, rice steaming machine, water tank, water tower, toilet cisterns, etc.

  • Worry-free: We have confidence in this product. Since this product is a valve that can move automatically, regular inspection and maintenance are necessary.

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