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Adjustable Jeans Buttons (10 pcs)

Adjustable Jeans Buttons (10 pcs)

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Wear Your Loose/Tight Jeans Again!

Jeans could last for a long time, but not their sizes. When they become too tight or too loose for you, they become useless and you would just toss them away, right?

Don't let those jeans go to waste! Get these Perfect Fit Jeans Buttons and make your own "one size, fits all" jeans!


  • Repeated Usage: Able to attach & detach; one button can be used repeatedly. Able to adjust to your desired size many times using just one button
  • Stylish & Simple Design: Designed to be installed onto any denim clothes easily, while also remaining sturdy in its position onto the clothes
  • Made with Great Quality: Uses high-quality copper as the main material for the button. Lightweight, durable & long-lasting design without rust


Material: Copper
Colour: Bronze (9), Silver (10), Black (1), White (1), Brown (1)
Design: 11 designs
Weight: 3.17 oz (0.09 kg)
Diameter: 0.67" (17 mm)

Package Includes

  • 1x Adjustable Jeans Button Set (10 pcs)
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