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Automotive Nano Coating Spray

Automotive Nano Coating Spray

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Keep the Car Shining Like New!

Automotive Nano Coating Spray is designed for all trucks and automotive finishes to have an ultimate shine and protection. It can create exceptional water beading and contains high UV protection which helps prevent fading from harsh sun exposure. 

Say goodbye to laborious cleaning!


  • Nano Coating: Shield car from water, dirt, and other contaminants that can scratch and dull its surface.
  • Advanced Polymer Protection: It forms strong polymer links at the molecular level to protect the car paint and allows it to stay longer.
  • Smooth and Shine: Keep the car looking like it has just stepped out of the showroom. The old car will look shiny again and its color also stands out.
  • Dirt and Water Repellent: The nano-coating forms a tight bond that’s smooth and even. Hence, water and dirt roll off the surface effortlessly.
  • All-in-One Protection: Can be applied to glass, plastic components, and wheels. Protect your car exterior and interior with just one car care product.
  • Wide Application: The spray also works as a glass cleaner and clay bar lubricant. Apply it on windows, computer monitors, mobile phone glass, and more.
  • Easy to Apply: Just spray on, and wipe off with a cloth.


  • Content: 120ml / 500ml
  • Shelf Life: 5 Years
  • Usage Area: Automotive painted and glass surfaces

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📦 1x Automotive Nano Coating Spray

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