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Cable Heat Shrink Protector

Cable Heat Shrink Protector

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Repair Cable with Magic Shrink!

Cable Heat Shrink Protector is a shrink tubing for protecting the charging cable from breakingoverheating, scratches, dirt, dust and so on. It can be used with any cable diameter of less than 10mm.
No more worrying about cable breaking!


  • Cable Protection: Prevents cable from cracking and breaking.
  • Shrinkage Ratio 2:1: Suitable for original iPhone cable or other cable diameters less than 6mm.
  • Shrinkage Ratio 3:1Suitable for any original Android phone cable or other cable diameters less than 10mm.
  • Easy to Use: Cover the wire, then heat with a heat gun, soldering iron, hairdryer or even a lighter.
  • Multiple Colors: Cover the cable with a different color tube to differentiate the data cable of different mobile phones.
  • Safe and Durable: Made of environmentally friendly Polyolefin material. Protects wire from anti-leakage and waterproof when cover with the tube.
  • Multipurpose: Suitable for electrical insulation, wire bundling, color coding, mechanical protection, wire/cable joints, DIY, RC drones and daily repairs, etc.

How to Use

  1. Select the proper size of the heat shrink tubing for the using.
  2. Insert the wires to the heat shrink tubing.
  3. Use the heat gun or lighter to shrink the tube until it melts in size and the adhesive flows, filling the gaps between wires and tubes.
  4. Don't touch the tube until it is cool completely.


  • Color: Mixed Color (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Black, White, Transparent)
  • IPhone Length: 6.4mm x 65mm
  • Android Length: 9.5mm x 90mm
  • Shrinkage Ratio: 2:1 / 3:1 (will shrink to 1/2 its supplied diameter)
  • Material: Polyolefin
  • Minimum Shrinkage Temperature: +70°C
  • Full Shrinkage Temperature: +110°C maximum
  • Operating Temperature: -55°C to +125°C

Package Include

Option 1: iPhone (14pcs)

  • 2x Red (6.4mm x 65mm)
  • 2x Yellow (6.4mm x 65mm)
  • 2x Blue (6.4mm x 65mm)
  • 2x Green (6.4mm x 65mm)
  • 2x Black (6.4mm x 65mm)
  • 2x White (6.4mm x 65mm)
  • 2x Transparent (6.4mm x 65mm)

Option 2: Android (7pcs)

  • 1x Red (9.5mm x 90mm)
  • 1x Yellow (9.5mm x 90mm)
  • 1x Blue (9.5mm x 90mm)
  • 1x Green (9.5mm x 90mm)
  • 1x White (9.5mm x 90mm)
  • 1x Black (9.5mm x 90mm)
  • 1x Transparent (9.5mm x 90mm)

Option 3: IPhone + Android (21pcs)

  • 【Option1】+【Option2】

Option 4: Data Cable Set (140pcs)

  • 3x 5 Color (8mm x 90mm)
  • 3x 5 Color (10mm x 90mm)
  • 2x 5 Color (6mm x 65mm)
  • 2x 5 Color (5mm x 65mm)
  • 3x 5 Color (4mm x 65mm)
  • 5x 5 Color (3mm x 65mm)
  • 10x 5 Color (2mm x 30mm)
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