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Color Catcher

Color Catcher

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Keep the COLORS bright and the WHITES white!

Color Catcher is designed to trap and absorb loose color dyes in wash water. It helps to protect your clothes against color bleeds and also preserve the original color of your clothes. It keeps you away from spending too much time on separating and sorting garments.


  • Works like a sponge and absorb loose dyes
  • Protect expensive clothes from color redeposit
  • Saves time by cutting down the need of sorting and separating
  • Saves money by cutting down the number of washes needed
  • Absorbs odors and smell on clothes
  • Works great on all fabrics
  • Works well at all temperatures and with all laundry product

How to use?


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    Packaging: 30 pcs per pack

    Size: (12 x 28) cm

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