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Corner Massage Cat Brush

Corner Massage Cat Brush

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Got a cat or two? This Corner Massage Cat Brush is the PURRfect present for your beloved feline companion. Cats are simply obsessed with it!

This kitty galore must-have is one of today’s bestselling pet supplies. The reason behind is that it acts in more ways than one. Get your cat one or two of these and see what fellow cat lovers are raving about.


  • An effortless groomer made just for kitties! Finally!
  • Removes and collects loose kitty fur.
  • Helps stimulate the cat’s senses, keeping them happy and occupied.
  • Helps cats relieve itching.
  • Acts as a massage comb, too!
  • Gives your cat their much-needed comfort and rubbing at anytime of the day.
  • Comes with catnip seeds! Insert it into the product and watch your cat going gaga over it.
  • Insert catnip to help repel indoor shade parasites.
  • Easy to Mount with Durable Build — Simply mount it to ANY corner!
  • Hassle-free on your part and fun for the kitties!

If your kitty cat is constantly bothering you for a rub or massage, this one’s the perfect solution for you! Cats can be overly clingy at times, but try this out with catnip insert and see what happens. 

Cats won’t be able to resist this Corner Massage Cat Brush! This is perfect for cat lovers and cats alike. Your feline friend will love it... and so will you! (wink)


Material: Plastic / Catnip Seeds (Infused)

Size: Approx. 3cm x 9cm / 5.12” x 3.54”

Available Colors: Black / Gray / Turquoise / Blue / Pink / Golden / Green / Sky Blue

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