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Hydro Jet Power Washer

Hydro Jet Power Washer

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Fast Cleaning Under High Pressure In Minutes

Hydro jet power washer is used to wash car and clean dirt and mold on wood, aluminum, tires, glass and concrete. 


  • COOL PRODUCT, SMART DESIGNED: Our hydro jet high pressure power washer can be used for cleaning built-up dirt and mold on wood, aluminum, and vinyl shutters, concrete sidewalks, wood decks, brick, stone, rock and more. You can easily wash your car, truck, campers, or boats.


  • The DBR Tech ™ Power washer: All our products go through extensive quality checks to provide excellent performance. You will enjoy superior power, durability, and performance with our pressure washer. Rust and Corrosion Resistant: Brass standard garden hose coupler, aluminum original power washer wand.


  • EASY TO USE: This is a normal power washer sprayer with, a jet stream, two spray tips, and a fan spray. The pressure is related just to domestic water pressure, no power and no electricity is required. If your water hose has a quick connection, our high-pressure washer wands can be connected to it perfectly.


  • CORROSION AND RUST RESISTANT: Stainless steel hydro jet power washer equipped with brass standard green garden hose coupler instead of the aluminum body, Sturdy and durable, not easy to be bent.

How To Use


  • Material: Aluminium Alloy(body) + Copper(Nozzle head) + TPR(handle)
  • Length: 

Package Include

  • Hydro Jet Power Washer x1
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