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Hydrogel Screen Protector Install Kit

Hydrogel Screen Protector Install Kit

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iPhone Model

Facing all these problems?

Hydrogel Screen Protector Install Kit can guide you easily with precise application. Screen Protector comes with installer can be 100% success to  bubble free. Witness the smooth glide and the feel of the screen protector.

Product Feature:

  • Installer to make sure installation 100% free from bubble - Our simple install tool makes perfect alignment a breeze. 
  • Specially design for iPhone - Maintain your resale value & protect your phone from dirt, scratches and cracks with this high-grade Japanese Asahi tempered glass.

  • Crystal Clear Transparency - Experience the full effects of your stunning Apple iPhone display with this super thin but hard glass shield that protects your phone's front camera, ALS and proximity sensors without affecting your photos or 3D touchscreen sensitivity.

  • Case Friendly Design- Our tempered glass screen protector covers the flat portion of the screen only, leaving the curved edges free to fit your case better and reduce any non-adhesive white halo.

Everything we do is designed to enhance your smartphone experience!


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