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KanjN Snake Peptide Reverse Ageing Cream

KanjN Snake Peptide Reverse Ageing Cream

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Recently on the Doctor revealed a picture of women who used the 'KanjN Snake Peptide Firming Ageing Cream' with main ingredients: SYN-AKE. and the results were really impressive. You will almost immediately see a change and an increase in your radiance.

4 Easy Step to have Radiant Firm Skin

The FAQ (Frequent Asked Question) About KanjN Snake Peptide Firming Ageing Cream

Is KanjN Ageing Cream safe?
The product is safe for all skin types. If skin irritation or sensitization occurs after applying KanjN Ageing Cream, then stop using and consult your physician if the symptoms persist for more than 48h.

Can I go in the sun?
Yes but it's recommended to use sun protection products (no alcohol) in combination with KanjN Ageing Cream when you are exposed to intensive sunlight.

Can this cream still be used after apply skincare products?
Yes. First, apply your usual products then you can apply a very thin layer of KanjN Ageing Cream to the targeted area. You may use make-up after applying the cream.

Can the product be used when you have sensitive eyes?
Yes, but use the product in accordance with the instructions for use and avoid contact with the eyes. Rinse thoroughly with water if accidentally contact with eyes.

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  • KanjN Snake Peptide Firming Ageing Cream x1
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