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Leather Restoration Cream

Leather Restoration Cream

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Make Leather Luxurious and Brand New Again!

Leather Restoration Cream is an ultimate healing balm that restores worn-out leather and to remove scratches or scarsSimply rub to turn stiff, faded and cracked leather into soft, rich and glossy!
Increases durability and returning it to its original color!


  • Cracked Repair: Repairs the damage leather car seat, the scratches of leather surface, faded leather and worn leather. It also helps to fill the gap in the leather and let it looks brand new again.

  • Leather Protection: Restore worn leather surface effortlessly while adding protective coating prevents further damages. Removes dust, dirt, scratches and grim easily.
    • Wide Application: Suitable for plastic or any hard surface, such as car decoration and upholstery, furniture, leather jackets, and clothes.
      • Easy To Use: Just wipe for an instant improvement.
        • Environment-Friendly: Made of natural vegetable oil that doesn't contain any chemicals that may harm your health and the environment.

          How to Use

          1. Clean the damaged leather.
          2. Apply the Leather Restoration Cream to the area and let it dry.
          3. Scrub the damaged area with sandpaper to scrape off the damaged parts and excess dried cream to make a smooth, flat surface.
          4. Leave it to dry. You may also use a blow dryer for faster drying.
          5. If there are still damaged spots left, repeat the process until the leather is fully restored.


          • Net Content: 60g
          • Color: Transparent
          • Shelf Life: 3 years

          Package Include

          📦 1x Leather Restoration Cream

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