Mini Desk Vacuum
Mini Desk Vacuum
Mini Desk Vacuum
Mini Desk Vacuum
Mini Desk Vacuum

Mini Desk Vacuum

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Be it spilled coffee grounds or a trail of cookie crumbs, dragging out a full-sized vacuum to clean the kitchen counter or dining table can be a huge hassle. This is when Mini Desk Vacuum comes in handy as a cordless mini vacuum. This means no more rummaging for your vacuum cleaner or leaving things uncleaned. Even the lazy person in us can still keep the inner neat freak happy!


  • Practical desktop cleaner, strong suction, easy to inhale paper scraps
  • 360 degree ascending wind direction without dust, dynamic design of the spiral blade, rotational stability
  • Small size, easy to carry, small space occupied
  • Use a high-toughness nylon brush, long service life, stylish appearance
  • It needs to be equipped with 2 x AA batteries, the battery is not included
  • Note: Be careful not to suck long hair and easily entangle the motor.
    Package Included: 1 x Mini Desk Vacuum
    Colour: Random

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