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Mixed Floral Incense Cone

Mixed Floral Incense Cone

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Light some incense and get chill !

The aroma from incense allow yourself to have time to space away from the hassle of everyday living. Feature with calming fragrance that work well for general relaxationBurning incense is a peaceful act, recalls loving memories in abundance.
Product Feature:
  • Sack of 50 or 100 pieces that mixed with different floral scent
  • Most reliable longevity up to 15 minutes of hypnotizing scents to make any confinement special.
  • While burning, the cones stream usually burnt from back flow where a thick smoke that looks like water, for a mesmerizing and relaxing hot spring effect. 
  • Suitable for indoor home or office and anywhere without a direct wind, wind may cause the smoke to spread and shorter the longevity of the effect. 
  • Best effect that use with a incense holder
  • Material made from natural fragrant wood powder and natural plant oils but pregnant women and infants should not use.


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