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OilSorber™ Volcanic Stone Roller

OilSorber™ Volcanic Stone Roller

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No More Excess Oil On Face Without Ruining Makeup!!

OilSorber™ Volcanic Stone Roller carved from volcanic stone, this super-absorbent material instantly draws oil, sebum, and dirt out of your skin while leaving your makeup perfectly intact.

Just roll OilSorber™ on your cheeks to make your face brighter and less reflective. It also helps to minimize pores and maintain skin elasticity. OilSorber™ is washable and reusable, it reduces the wasting of blotting papers to remove oil on face.


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Customer FAQS

Q: When is the best time to apply?
A: For best result, roll OilSorber™ over any areas that you're experiencing shine to remove excess oil on face.

Q: Will this mess up my makeup?
A: No, your makeup remains intact. The volcanic stone will not ruin makeup while it removes oil.

Q: How to clean it?
A: Twist the locking ring around the stone clockwise to unlock, then remove the volcanic stone. We recommend cleaning it with soap and warm water, allow it to air-dry overnight before you lock it back in again.

Q: When it need to be replaced?
A: The stone ball may wear out after a few months, you can replace it with another new stone ball. 

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1x OilSorber™ Volcanic Stone Roller

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