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Ricelux™ The Glow Illuminating Serum

Ricelux™ The Glow Illuminating Serum

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Enhance Skin's Clarity with the Japanese superfoods

Ricelux™ The Glow Illuminating Serum. Remove dark spots and hyperpigmentation, which effectively brighten the dullness of your skin.

This Serum also helps replenish and moisturize skin, to make skin shiny, moist, and soft. Restore a youthfully bright and even-toned look.



Ingredient: Glycerin, rice flour, flavors, sodium hyaluronate,glycosyl trehalose
Net Volume: 15ml
Weight: 15g
Shelf Life: See the package display

Customers FAQs

Q: When is the best time to apply?
A: For best results, apply twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night before bed. Wash face thoroughly before apply.

Q: How long does it take before I see some results?
A: The timing of the results varies from person to person. However, it usually takes around a few days to a few weeks depending on the condition of the skin.

Q: Does it works and is it safe on all types of skin
A: Yes, it is safe for all types of skin. 
Q: I have sensitive skin and I'm very intrigued by this product but is it safe for sensitive skin?

A: Hi there! yes, it is safe for sensitive skin and formulated without any bad ingredient


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