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Roll Squeezer Toothpaste Hanging Dispenser

Roll Squeezer Toothpaste Hanging Dispenser

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Cutting open your toothpaste and scrub your toothbrush to get all the last much-needed fluids is one of the most frustrated thing to do isn’t it?

This Roll Squeezer Toothpaste Hanging Dispenser is definitely perfect for you! It helps you to extract the maximum value of your toothpaste. It comes with a suction cup that allows you to hang it on anywhere such as mirror or wall. at the same time uses a roller to gently compress the tube. It’s compatible with any toothpaste size, definitely a good helper in your life. Other than using it on toothpaste, you can also use it for your medicine tube, cosmetic, adhesives , lotion, ointment, make-up, paint, etc


Get 3 pieces in random colours for every purchase yay! 

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