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Wrinkle Removal Beauty Machine

Wrinkle Removal Beauty Machine

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Time and stress will totally rip off the youthful glow of your skin. Glad, you have finally found the only device that will tighten and lift up your saggy skin in no time. The Skin Lifting Machine penetrates your skin through the electronic energy, creating a thermal heat that will help your skin regenerate collagen and improve your blood circulation, resulting in a smooth glossy and tight skin. Use it to achieve a perfectly contoured face and a well-defined chin.

  • The Eyes – fine lines and even our brow line;treats on the upper and lowereyelids to look youthful and rested.
  • The Face –treatment for loose jowls, sagging skin. It can smooth lines andwrinkles and remodels collagen for the overall health of the skin.
  • The Body – treatment for sagging skin and unwanted bulges and dimples. Anon-invasive way to smooth the skin on our bodies and even temporarily improve the appearance of cellulite.

Specification :

Voltage100-240 V 
FunctionFace Lifting, Skin Tightening, Wrinkle Remover
ApplicationFace, Neck, Body

Tip :
1. The device will auto power off if there is no any operation after 10 minutes. 
2. User should touch the galvanized sidebar when Thermage (RF) function.



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