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Wrist Force Ball

Wrist Force Ball

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Wrist Exercise Anytime & Anywhere

Have fun strengthening hands, wrists and forearms in just a minute a day. Wrist Force Ball spins at 12,000 RPM up to 24.9 lb-in (or pounds-inch) of torque for an intense hand, wrist and forearm workout wherever you go. It is battery free and self-powered with Built-in Led Lights. Wrist Force Ball will give your hands, wrists and forearms a workout with resistance training.

It can develop and shape your grip and forearm muscles to improve baseball, tennis, golf games and most sports. Burn fat and get rid of flabby arms. Besides, Its also beneficial to many musicians, such as piano, guitar, drummer. Let's grab yours today!


  • Perfect Exercise Gadget For Sports: Develop and shape your grip and forearm muscles to improve golf, tennis, squash, cricket, badminton, baseball, bowling, basketball and most sports.

  • Burn Fat & Get Rid Of Flabby Arms: Strengthen fingers, wrists, hands, forearms, shoulders and bicep etc. Its also rehabilitates sore muscles and joint, great for musicians, guitarists, pianists, drummers.

  • Good For Health: The faster the speed, the greater the power, and the effect of exercise. At the lower speed, it is also a very effective tool release soothe , recuperate sore and damaged limbs.

  • Exercise With Fun: Novelty design with LED lights, which is fun to see how fast you can get it spinning. Cool LED lights inside will light up while spinning. No worries about the battery, it is totally battery free and self-powered.

  • Easy To Carry: You can exercise whenever and wherever possible. Suitable for office workers, because of long hours, less activity.

How To Use


  • Size: 2.4* 3 inch
  • Weight: 10.5oz

Package Include

  • Wrist Force Ball x 1
  • Strap x 1
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